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Username and the password are the most vital component of any Gmail account. A slight variation in the password that you are entering may create a problem for you. You will not be allowed to login if you don’t enter the exact password of that particular account. If you forget the password, then you can get it back only by following Gmail password recovery steps. Only when you follow the steps you will be allowed to recover the password. At any step if you need any help then always remember that our team is beside you to provide you relevant guidance. Our support team will not only provide you guidance for recovering the password, but they will also ensure that you don’t face similar problem in future.

Gmail Password Recovery

When our Gmail account recovery team helps?

  • When you find that you are not allowed to login as you have forgotten the password then you to get back the password by recognizing the hints that you have set up while creating the account. If you fail to recognize those hints, then you have to follow entire recovery process for getting back the password. You can even avail the help of Gmail customer service team for understanding the reason behind the problem. But before that you must ensure that you have entered the correct username and the account exactly belong to you. Even after that your problem does not get resolved then there are chances that your account has been hacked. In that situation you should immediately contact our team members for recovering the account from hacked state.
  • While having Gmail password recovery if you fail to recover it once you should never try multiple times. If you make multiple attempts, then your account will get disabled temporarily. This is because Gmail has limited the attempts to recover the password via email, SMS or account recovery form in order to prevent the account from fraudulent activities. By chance if the account gets blocked then you will need help of support team for recovering it back.
  • When you go through the Gmail password recovery steps then it may not appear as a recovery option on the password recovery page. It is available in the account recovery page as series of questions are asked in that form. If you have any doubt in this point you can call in our toll-free number. The executives present there will help you to understand the steps in detail. Further, you have to click on the ‘I don’t know my password’ link and then you will have to enter the username. After that a link will appear where you have to verify your identity and finally you will able to recover the password.

When you wish to have Gmail password recovery then you have various recovery options. You can choose to answer the security question and get back the password or you can opt to receive the recovery steps in the email address or Gmail phone number which is already linked to the account.